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About us

Welcome to Mama Shaman's Gypsy Trunk Treasures!
We take pride in our work designing beautiful pieces of vegan, eco-fashion, wearable art using ethnic textiles from Indigenous cultures around the world such as the Kuna, Wayuu, Shipibo, Hmong and the Hills Tribes etc... Your purchase supports these indigenous tribes as well as the artisans and artist that design these products. 
The Mola tribal wearable art creations have been hand crafted by the Kuna Indians of both Panama and Colombia. Molas are created by using a hand sewn technique called reverse applique making a hidden stitch to the folded cotton fabric designs.  The shoes are made by Colombian artisans applying these intricate and unique ethnic textiles called molas hence the name Kuna Prints Mola Shoes.  
All of our products are vegan, fair trade and eco-friendly ~ Good for Mother Earth and for the people that wear them.
Kuna Prints Mola Shoes “Unique as your finger prints” ~ all of our products are ONE of a KIND ~ no two are the same so you truly are purchasing a work of art that will not be found anywhere else in the world and it’s as unique as YOU are!


For more information you can reach us at 1-877-586-2263


We ship worldwide!

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